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Sr. Dalisay Lazaga

Who is Sr. Dalisay?

Dalisay Lazaga was born in Sta. Rosa, Laguna  in the Philippines, on March 17, 1940. At eight years of age she loses both parents. The eldest sister takes care of her. Consequently from her early childhood she knows the suffering of a motherless child. She grows up to be a good and virtuous girl and is loved by everybody. At twenty years of age she obtains her degree and takes up the teaching profession with love and enthusiasm. In a short time she makes a name for herself as a teacher. She is an attractive girl and does not lack admirers, but she firmly refuses any proposal and opts for the consecrated life to which she has felt drawn since a tender age. Her choice does not please her family,  who have cherished the idea of another kind of life for her. She wishes to follow the Charism of St. Magdalene of Canossa and on February 2nd 1966 she makes her first religious Profession in the Novitiate House of Oxley in Australia. On her home-coming she takes up again the demanding task of teaching and realizes an enviable, if short, earthly and spiritual career, carrying out her mission among the youth of the Canossian schools.

Then suddenly during November 1970, Sr. Dalisay’s health shows worrying symptoms; she has to undergo an exploratory operation.

The diagnosis is unmistakably fatal, giving her only three months of life; in fact she dies on January 30th 1971. She does not know the whole truth. With a great longing for life in her heart, she moves unaware towards death dreaming about the beauty of a life spent in bringing many souls to Christ. When she finds out the harsh reality, with an inspiring gentleness of spirit, she surrenders to God’s will, and, Our Lady dressed as a Queen, comes to welcome her.

Prayer to obtain graces
Most gracious and merciful God,
for whose Love
Sr. Dalisay
labored and serenely
put up with suffering
to the end of her short life,
we humbly ask you
to glorify her by granting us,
through her intercession,
the graces we need. Amen.

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