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Greetings from the Sacred Heart Province to the General Chapter Delegates


Dear M. General and all the Delegates of the XVI General Chapter,

On this Easter Octave, we entrust you all to the bountiful blessings of the Risen Christ who has  obtained for you the outpourings of the Holy Spirit to guide you throughout these Chapter days.  Please be assured that we accompany you with our prayers and sacrifices as our participation in this great event in our Institute. Look and Do Likewise continues to be our moving spirit as it did to

St. Magdalene, to propel our Institute to greater service of love in the Church and in the world and for the Sistersgreater quest for  holiness of life.

Thank you for this great service you are rendering to our Religious Family and to the Church. God bless all your endeavors.

With our love and prayers,

Sisters of the Sacred Heart Province
Philippines& PNG


"Look and Act... that the world may believe... called to become joyful and prophetic witnesses"

Let us continue to accompany with our prayers our General Chapter Delegates - SR. GLECY, SR. LILIA N. & SR. ELMA as they join the other 59 other Delegates from around the Canossian world who will participate in the XVI General Chapter in Rome, Italy on April 23 – May 24, 2014. God’s Light, Wisdom and Courage be with you, dear Sisters,  throughout these Chapter days.

Easter Greetings of the Provincial Leader

Update - CARE for PA_BOR

CARE for Pa_Bor

(Canossian Assistance & Restoration Effort for Palo and Borongan)



Date Covered:          17 Feb. – 15 Mar. 2014

Prepared by:             Sr. Estela Cordero, FdCC


Team Composition in Sitio Bachao, Bgy. Pawing, Palo Leyte: Srs. Jovy Benavides (17 Feb. – 3 Mar.); Merna Virtucio (25 Feb. – 3 Mar.); Lou Marie Vidad (1-20 Mar.); Gliceria ‘Glecy’ Manuyag – Provincial Leader (10-13 Mar.);  Novices M. Grace Babiera and Cres P. Perenia (17 Feb. – 13 Mar.); CVP (Canossian Volunteer Philippines’ trained for Meaningful Summer Activities) Daniel Robles, Jr. (1-31 Mar.), temporarily assigned to the Palo Archdiocese Pastoral Disaster Response Command Center to help in assessing the needs in other parts of the Archdiocese.


Rebuilding of Houses:

Building on the progress reports of every group sent, this team came to verify whether the plan to rebuild on the titled lands of the residents is the proper step to do.  Consultations were made with the Municipal Mayor - Mrs. Petilla, Barangay Officials - Chairwoman Nimfa Pulga and Councilor Amor, a local lawyer - Fiscal Castillo, and from there the Municipal Development Planning Office, where the Sisters confirmed that Sitio Bachao is a “No-build zone” for residents since in a few year’s time, it will be taken by the government to consolidate the location of all its offices.

Of the many land parcels that were offered, the choice of the Ad Hoc CARE for Pa_Bor Committee due to its nearness to the main road, land elevation, safety, the final cost and conditions from the seller, as well as the desire of the future settlers, was the land parcel in Barangay Castilla, Palo, Leyte owned by Ms. Luz Plimaco. It is 10,0801 sq.m. planted to coconuts that have been damaged by typhoon Yolanda.


Priority of Occupation:

The Novices re-checked the demographic profile done by the previous assessment groups.  They were given a special session with workshop and exposure on Participatory Disaster Risk Assessment (PDRA) in the chancery by Mr. Ronald Bayson Abao, the Program Manager of the Rehabilitation Project. They learned how to assess the degree of vulnerability of each person and their capacity to start up again having been demonstrated the process in a clear and well organized manner.  Using this new knowledge, they presented to the Sitio Bachao residents the findings which they laid down on paper viewed by all and later on confirmed by them.  From here they agreed that the priority of occupation will be according to the criteria of vulnerability rather than land ownership as was previously decided.


Other Activities:

  • Meeting with the Assistant Parish Priest, Fr. Pastor “Jun” Carreon, to clarify the Job Description of the Priests, Sisters, and Lay Volunteers, and Networking with the UN and CVP Meaningful Summer Program
  • Supervision of the drafting of the people’s MOA (Memorandum of Agreement) with the Canosssian Sisters as was done in Sitio Ronggot, Lecheria, Calamba, Laguna for the Canossa-Galvaville Housing Project after the flood Ondoy
  • Visiting residents of the bunkhouse where some of the prospective residents are temporarily housed
  • Distribution of materials and funds donated by the Pilgrim Rosary Group of Charlottesville, Virginia, USA for initial livelihood program for groups of three
  • Meetings with the residents of Sitio Bachao to present ERIC (Emergency Response Integrated Communication) – Data Base Management to familiarize them with the tedious steps involved in the process of rebuilding
  • Handing over and blessing of the Statue of San Roque requested by the residents and the Crucifix donated by Dr. Aurea Almazan of Philadelphia, USA
  • Listening to the stories of the people as part of their healing; teaching catechism to children; helping in putting ashes on the foreheads of the faithful on Ash Wednesday, participating in the parish’s Way of the Cross on Friday and the 4:45 a.m. procession of Our Lady of the Rosary followed by the Mass on Saturday

Next Steps:

  • As the parish needs its offices to be vacated for their own repairs and activities, Sr. Glecy scouted a place where the sisters and volunteers could stay. It was agreed to take the residence of Mrs. Bernadette Villalon-Macato, niece of Sr. Janet Norombaba, which she allows to use without rent as long the sisters will shoulder the repair to make it habitable. Some repairs needed due to typhoon damage will be done before the sisters and volunteers transfer.
  • Classification of the families or joint families (due to deaths) occupying a house to determine if they will be awarded the 20 sq.m. space for those who are 5 and below or the 30 sq.m. space for those with 6 and more; the biggest family consists of 11 members
  • Finalization of the MOA containing conditions before, during and after the construction of the houses, for presentation to the people of Sitio Bachao and signing by legal parties
  • Finalization of the house design, without the stilts as the place is not a flood prone area, and raising the height of the walls so the families can build a mezzanine according to their needs


Heartfelt thanks and ardent prayers are due to all our benefactors who make each of these tedious step possible:

  • The support and maintenance of the Sisters and volunteers on site
  • The purchase of a mini cab to facilitate the movement and other activities in Leyte
  • The initial livelihood project of the people
  • The religious symbols (Cross and Statue of San Roque) to enliven their faith and piety
  • The school supplies and dresses to help children go back to school
  • The extra clothing they need and many others …
  • The on-going acquisition process of the relocation place
  • The building of 56 houses to relocate 56 households (single or joint families) when the relocation site is ready

For those whose contribution is not material but service full of love:

  • Those who hosted them: Ate Cora, the Parish Priest and his assistants of Our Lady of the Rosary Parish in Pawing, Palo, Leyte, and soon Engr. Bernadette Macato
  • The residents and leaders of Sitio Bachao
  • The CVPs who will volunteered their time and energy April 7 – May 3, 2014
  • The Sisters who take turns to leave temporarily their assigned ministries in order to assist in the rebuilding activities of adopted families in sitio Bachao.

To one and all, especially to our Canossian Family Friends and Benefactors, a heartfelt thankful prayer!











Canossa Academy – Calamba, formerly known as Mater Dei is the first Catholic School in Calamba, Laguna, offering Pre-Elementary, Grade School and High School Education for boys and girls.  Its foundation in 1964 was a response to the request of the late Archbishop Alejandro Olalia to open a school in Calamba due to the insistent request made by a group of Catholic women residing in the town. To respond to the emerging needs of the poor in the locality, Canossa Alay Pag-ibig Center was opened in 1985.  It aims to serve the poor and the needy through literacy programs, medical assistance, income generating projects and skills training along with the integral Christian formation.  It also provides opportunities for students to have active involvement in being in solidarity with the poor through different outreach activities.

In the year 2012, Canossa Academy embraces a new “school system”, an Integrated Basic Education wherein the curriculum is a continuum and there is integration of different subject areas and co-curricular offerings. To date, the Basic Education is Level II PAASCU Accredited and is K to 12 ready. In 2016, Canossa – Calamba will be offering Academic Tracks blended with Tech-Voc Programs to cater Senior High School - Grade 11 & Grade 12.

The Canossa Educative Community strengthens its commitment to the formation of

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