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Jesus Crucified

Magdalene of Canossa was favoured by God with a specific gift of grace which directed her, resolutely, to the mystery of the Cross. To follow Jesus is the vocation of any soul called to the consecrated life:  for Magdalene it was so in a very special way.  The unmistakeable voice of the Spirit which she heard, as she knelt at the foot of the Cross, and which urged her “Inspice et Fac” meant for her a specific vocation that would qualify all her choices and mark all her life. Only the totalitarianism of the Cross would lead her to the goal to which she was powerfully attracted:  GOD Alone! To reach there, she must reproduce in herself the Model proposed to her:  Christ hanging from the Cross, the only way to the Father.

For Magdalene, as for Christ, the Cross is the most convincing proof of the greatest love.  That is why the Crucifix becomes the model and the source of inspiration.